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Group housing challenging Denver's zoning code

Our Colorado: New take on affordable options
Posted at 4:28 PM, Jun 06, 2018

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DENVER -- Residents in Denver are coming up with new and non-traditional ways to afford living in the Mile High City through “group living,” a move that's challenging the city’s zoning code.

With the evolving needs of people living in Denver and recent changes to housing regulations, city planners will work with an advisory committee to evaluate the Denver Zoning Code’s rules for “group living.”

The Group Living Advisory Committee was formed in March. This group is taking a closer look at how group living is defined in the city’s zoning code. This evaluation will include a review of land uses and definitions for: households, community corrections facilities, shelters for the homeless, residential care homes, new uses like tiny home villages, and more. Based on this evaluation, planners will recommend updates to the zoning code for some or all of these housing types.

The committee said it will have its first community meeting in July or August. A final date is to be announced.