Fight to save remaining prairie dogs after colonies poisoned

'Our Colorado' looks at prairie dog population
Posted at 9:30 PM, Apr 18, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-19 00:40:51-04

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PARKER, Colo. -- In rapidly growing suburbs, development is taking over areas once home to wildlife. A battle is playing out in Parker where a group of residents and a nonprofit are making a plea to rescue surviving prairie dogs after colonies were poisoned by their neighborhood.

At Denver7 we know it's a topic that is unleashing passion in communities across the state and it's one we've been receiving a lot of emails about. 

Barb Jedele wrote to express her concern after she learned about the killings in Parker's Stonegate subdivision. 

"Our HOA fees were used to kill all these prairie dogs unbeknownst to any of us," said Jedele.

Jedel and others opposed to the poising attending the board meeting for the Stonegate Village Metropolitian District on Wednesday night. They wanted to convince board members to allow them to relocate surviving prairie dogs.

"Relocation gives them the chance to live. I think the better question is why would we exterminate them," said Deanna Meyer with Prairie Protection Colorado.

Despite the outspoken opponents, some homeowners are in favor of measures taken to eradicate the prairie dogs. According to the a message from the board, several homeowners expressed concern about the safety of their children and pets.

"Well I’m sympathetic to those people that like to see them around, but my perspective is that from a homeowner’s standpoint I don’t like the way the property looks when they prairie dogs are there," said Channing Odell, an 11-year resident of the area.

Meyer say the board is working with them in hopes of moving the prairie dogs to another location but there's also the feeling that it's too late for the colonies that were killed.