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Developers break ground on mega development near Coors Field in Denver

West Lot development will add hotel, grand plaza
Posted at 4:31 PM, Sep 25, 2018
and last updated 2018-09-25 18:31:52-04

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DENVER — While Colorado’s growth certainly has its drawbacks, it also translates to exciting new developments - like the West Lot near Coors Field.

As the Colorado Rockies find themselves in a heated battle for the NL West pennant or the last Wildcard spot in the National League, LoDo is also buzzing about what’s happening right outside the stadium.

The West Lot is a mega-development now fully under construction. The vision: elevate LoDo beyond baseball.

"That is truly the idea here,” said John Yonushewski, senior principal for the West Lot and managing partner at Stantec Denver. “To make this neighborhood relevant year-round versus just on game day."

Yonushewski and his team at Stantec are developing the parking lot that sits in between Jackson's Sports Bar and Fado's Irish Pub.

"I think it could be pretty awesome,” said Jenn Leslie, who works in LoDo. “It's a huge spot, and if there's bars and everything, it’s going to be very popular."

There will be bars and then some. Developers want it to mimic Rockefeller Center in New York, including ice skating, a Rockies baseball Hall of Fame, restaurants, a giant LED screen, condos and the anchor: a 184-room hotel.

"The buildings will be a backdrop for the plaza and all the activities and entertainment in the plaza,” Yonushewski said. “The land lease from this goes to help improvements for the stadium for the next 30 years."

It will certainly be an attraction. But, some see it as yet another addition to an already congested city.

"It’s a little bit annoying,” said Molly Mittman, who works in LoDo. “Denver's getting so big and really populated."

The area has already seen major transformations the past few years with Union Station and Dairy Block's European-style pedestrian alleyway.

The West Lot is the next phase of what will undoubtedly be a grand slam for the Rockies and LoDo.

"That's really cool,” Leslie said. “I think people will enjoy it."

Stantec says it is still working with the City of Denver to get all the necessary permits for the project, but so far construction has been moving forward without any delays.