Would you wear Cheetos cosmetics?

Posted at 2:07 PM, Dec 05, 2016

Anyone who has enjoyed Cheetos knows what it is like to have leftover Cheetos dust on their lips. Now, someone can powder their entire face with Cheetos dust. 

Sort of.

Cheetos has unveiled a bronzer that is the same bright orange color as the famous snack. The cosmetic is available on the Cheetos Store website for $11.99.

Sorry, the bronzer is not edible. 

Cheetos describes the bronzer as the "finest skin stuff."

"The color of cheese, the glow of the sun," the product's description says. "We bring together the finest skin stuff that elegantly smears across your face to give you a vibrant Cheetos glow. Some may call it face paint, but I prefer to call it bronzer. Colour de Cheetos Bronzer is sure to color you the perfect shade of Cheetos orange while everyone else stands by, green with envy."