Woman's 'demonic' mugshot goes viral after kidnapping arrest

Posted at 6:54 AM, May 02, 2017

A robbery that results in no injuries and a broken cell phone wouldn't typically make national news — but a striking photo can make all the difference.

Morgan J. Varn, a 24-year-old South Carolina resident, was arrested last week after an apparent armed robbery inside her home turned into a stand-off that had to be resolved by a SWAT team.

The story itself is fairly routine. According to police, Varn and a 23-year-old man named Jonathan M. Robinson robbed a man who had visited Varn's home, taking his money and cell phone at gunpoint. The victim said Varn broke his cell phone before letting him go. The pair was arrested on charges including kidnapping and armed robbery.

But Varn's mugshot has been shared across the internet since her arrest on April 24.

The photo, which some have described as "nightmare fuel," shows Varn with blond hair, tattoos on her face and neck, dark lipstick and eyes that are completely black.

The Lancaster County (S.C.) Sheriff's Office shared the mugshot on Facebook along with a description of the alleged crime. The department did not comment on Varn's looks but plenty of Facebook users did.

Several commenters said Varn looks "demonic" and "evil." But not all the comments were negative; at least one person said they found her "beautiful."

"To each his own," replied another commenter.

See the full Facebook post below.

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