Woman converts school bus into tiny home

Posted at 4:33 PM, Nov 07, 2018

A Long Island woman is showing off the unlimited potential of a tiny home she’s created out of a school bus.

Some people call it a magic bus, but Catherine Ovejas likes to call it “apartment 84,” named after her children, who are eight and four.

It’s a 30-foot-long, 50-seat school bus that she gutted and turned into a tiny home that sleeps up to four people.

“We have here what can be a sitting area, but also a sleeping area,” Ovejas said.

She bought the used bus, and with a little outside help she spent six months converting it.

It’s about three feet from the sleeping area to the kitchen.

“We wanted it to be as self-sustaining as possible, so there is a 55-gallon water tank secured under the bus,” she explained.


A few more steps and you’re in the back.

“This is our lounge. It’s a sleeping area. It serves a lot of different purposes: Dining,” she said.

There’s storage everywhere, Liverman reported.

“We have built-in storage underneath the beds,” Ovejas said.

It doesn’t even feel like you’re on a school bus, Liverman reported. It actually feels like you’re in a tiny home and it’s only 225 square feet.

“We just passed the shower… this is the bathroom, there’s a shower tiny little tub and we have a toilet as well,” Ovejas said. “And it’s pretty spacious. It is pretty spacious.”

She has a system for providing hot water.

“Around the corner from the shower, you’ll see on demand instant hot water. So you can take hot showers,” she said.

She hopes she inspires others to create tiny homes.

“Just to increase creativity in people, to inspire them,” she said.

The bus was just completed in July. She expects to rent it out for $200-$300 a night.