Whoops! Semi gets stuck on the beach in North Carolina

Posted at 9:42 PM, Jul 10, 2018

A semi became stuck in the sand in the Outer Banks of North Carolina last week when the truck's driver followed GPS unit's directions onto the beach. 

According to the Outer Banks Voice, the truck had to be pushed back onto the pavement after the truck's wheels were stuck in the sand. 

Currituck County Sheriff Matthew Beickert told the Outer Banks Voice that similar incidents happen roughly once a year, but drivers usually can figure out where the road ends. 

“We can usually stop traffic and allow the truck to turn around at the loop near the cattle gate,” Beickert said. "He thought he could drive out on the beach and turnaround, but it didn’t work out too well."

A video of the incident shows the truck trying to spin its wheels to get out of the sand.