WATCH: Video shows dangerous street takeover, local mayor prompted to take action

Scottsdale street takeover KNXV
Posted at 6:59 PM, Feb 22, 2022

SCOTTSDALE, AZ — A dangerous street takeover in Arizona with shots fired. It was caught on camera Sunday night at a busy Scottsdale intersection. The group stopped traffic while cars were spinning out of control, putting lives at risk. Mayor David Ortega says this type of behavior will not be tolerated.

“I do appreciate that the police department reacted quickly, and I know that we’re going to continue to pursue this, and city council as well will take every measure necessary to address this problem,” says Mayor David Ortega, City of Scottsdale.

Those living in the area shared cell phone videos with ABC15. Many were startled by what they heard - screeching and revving of engines. Then, they came out to their apartment balconies and saw the takeover unfolding. A large group of people had stopped traffic at the intersection of 68th Street and Camelback Road. This caused innocent bystanders to be caught up in the situation. Scottsdale PD later responded to the scene to break things up. One witness tells us, this type of risk to the public is unacceptable.

“There's like two or three cars that kind of took turns doing it and then what was crazy was at these cars were spinning… I mean, in control but out of control and people were filming it all within four or five feet of the donuts," says Todd Christianson, a witness.

Mayor Ortega tells us there was a shooting stemming from this takeover as well. A Scottsdale resident who reported the criminal behavior was apparently harassed and followed home. Scottsdale police say a suspect shot at a vehicle, hitting it and a nearby home.

A similar takeover situation, involving the same group, later happened that night near 16th Street and Glendale Avenue. Phoenix police confirm the group forced the shutdown of the intersection and two people were arrested in connection.

Phoenix police confirm there was also a firearm discharged at some point in connection to that takeover. Police have not made an arrest in connection to the shooting.

Mayor Ortega will be bringing up this situation at Tuesday's city council meeting.

“Scottsdale Police Department is pursuing the perpetrators who fired shots in Scottsdale,” says Mayor Ortega.

In this case, the gunfire on top of the takeover, raises this to a felony crime.

Mayor Ortega says municipalities statewide now have stricter enforcement measures which include, impounding vehicles involved with street racing for up to 30 days, along with stiffer fines.

This story was originally published by Ashley Paredez of KNXV in Phoenix, Arizona.