Country star Brett Eldredge finds snake in toilet

Posted at 9:00 PM, Jan 04, 2017
Here’s a friendly reminder to peek inside the toilet before using it.
Country star Brett Eldredge recently had a good scare when he walked into the restroom to find a snake coiled in the toilet. According to The Tennessean, he was in the Caribbean celebrating the new year when it happened.
He posted a video of the frightening incident on social media.

Before ya go to the bathroom...DONT FORGET TO LOOK DOWN?

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“Here we are, it’s the morning,” explained Eldrege, who recently logged his sixth No. 1 hit, "I Wanna Be That Song." “I walk in here and what do we have? A beautiful New Year’s snake. Holy shhhh..ow. Oh he’s got a big body. He’s got a real big body. Hey buddy, what are you doing? What are we gonna do?”
An unidentified man is then seen fishing the snake out using a piece of wood. Eldrege holds the door open as the snake is presumably safely rushed out of the house. 
Yikes – maybe we won’t be visiting the Caribbean anytime soon.