Video: Student attacks Wisc. school staffer

Posted at 8:29 PM, Apr 28, 2016

Milwaukee Police are looking for a student who hit a school safety assistant.

The entire incident that occurred Thursday, April 28 was captured on video.

he video shows a Vincent High School safety assistant push a student away from him. The student then hits him. The two fall to the ground. The student then stands up over the security guard, throwing punch after punch.

Although the safety assistant did not want to show his face on camera, he told reporters at TMJ4 in Wisconsin he was shaken up.

"I got pushed into the wall on the top of my head," said Mark Jones, safety assistant.

Jones, or "Coach Jones" as he's known by the students, has a bruised knee, injured shoulder, and has been having throbbing headaches. But he does not want to jeopardize the investigation by saying more about the incident.

Jones says he told the student to get to class before the 17-year-old came after him.

Jones is a former football coach at Vincent High School. Students say he is well-liked.

"Nobody had any problems with him," says student Taron Edmond. 

Jones says his focus is on returning to school. But the student needs to take responsibility for his actions.

"Let's deal with the consequences, let's stop doing it somewhere along the line we can't make excuses for them," Jones said.

He also said the district wants him to return to another school, but he wants to return to Vincent, and to the students he loves working with.