Uber testing out shorter wait time in some areas

Posted at 6:11 AM, Apr 29, 2016

Uber is testing out new features right now that could end up costing riders if they don't mind their time.

Soon, if you leave your Uber driver in the lurch for too long, you could face a fine.

The ride sharing company says in a blog post they are testing out shorter wait time and cancelation deadlines in a handful of cities.

In the select cities, if drivers are waiting for more than two minutes, riders will have to pay. Uber refers to it as a small fee that varies depending on location.

The company is also testing out shorter cancelation periods in the new pilot program.

Riders who cancel a pick-up after the two minute grace period will also be charged a small fee.

Uber writes canceling a ride while drivers are already on their way can be a headache and they're hoping this change will make the experience more efficient.

Detroit is not currently affected by these changes, but Uber plans to roll out these deadlines more broadly if they notice a positive change.

This program is currently running in Dallas, New Jersey, New York and Phoenix.