Two great white shark encounters off the Florida coast

Posted at 7:52 PM, Jan 01, 2017

Rare encounters with 12-14 foot great white sharks happened in two different locations off the Florida coast.

Joanne Fraser of Calypso Dive Charters in Lake Park spotted one great white while on a trip 3.5 miles east of Juno Beach.  

"We all descended to about 80 feet, I saw a couple of nurse sharks and a few lemons as we were dropping down, I look over to the east and see a huge shark. (Of course my camera's not ready because we only just jumped in the water). I estimate the shark to be somewhere between 12 to 14 feet and an easy 4 feet wide.  All the lemon sharks disappeared, I was fumbling around with my camera trying to get it set up. The shark circled us extremely slowly about 3 times. I thought it was going to come to the crate at one point, but it turned away. That great white made the lemon sharks look like remoras!" she said.

Corey Embree, a dive instructor with Deep Six in Vero Beach, was also on the boat and in the water with his GoPro.  "I'm so stoked about this. What a way to start 2017! This was a dream of mine for over 20 years of diving."


Meanwhile, in Port Canaveral, a 12 foot great white was seen swimming around a deep sea fishing charter. The 'Canaveral Princess' was about 25 miles off the port when they spotted the beast coming to the surface. It wasn't the first time either; the same fishing vessel spotted a 14 footer just a week before. (click photo below to play video)