‘The Dog Whisperer' Cesar Milan opens up home to livestock rescued from California wildfires

Posted at 11:02 AM, Nov 16, 2018

Brittany Littleton started “Little Luv Rescue” straight out of high school, taking in abused and neglected animals.

“Animals are my favorite part of life, I would say,” Littleton says. “They’re just like pure, innocent beings.”

When the wildfires hit southern California, Littleton didn’t hesitate to do what she does best: rescue animals. As everyone else was fleeing, Littleton drove into a fire evacuation zone to rescue livestock.

“The fire came to the top of the hill, and it was like you could feel the heat from hundreds of feet away,” Littleton recalls.

Littleton and other volunteers herded sheep, goats, horses, and even turtles, into their vehicles. But they realized they had nowhere to put them.

Then, Cesar Millan, popularly known as “The Dog Whisperer,” stepped up to help.

“I was raised on a farm, so I’m a farm boy. I had a pack of dogs and pigs and chickens, so to me, this is normal,” Millan says.

Millan took in and tended to the rescued livestock. Many of them needed more care than others, like one llama saved from the wildfires.

“So now, the little baby maggots are coming out,” Millan says, while tending to the llama.

The animal was malnourished and had an infection. In a way, the wildfire evacuation may have been a blessing in disguise.

“In her case, it actually saved her life completely,” he says. “Medically, emotionally, spiritually, everything. We were not counting on looking at this.”

An extreme case like that one only underscores why Littleton fell in love with rescues in the first place.

“I think everyone has that sense of like wanting to protect the innocent and animals are the innocent, and they can’t get themselves out and we have them,” Littleton says. “And people have purchased them or bred them or whatever, rescued them, and now have put them in a situation where they rely on us, so we can’t turn our backs on them. We have to get them out to safety because we are the ones who are responsible for that.”