Special enrollment period opens for government health care plans

Posted at 9:00 PM, Feb 15, 2021

After a Biden administration directive, a special enrollment period opened on Monday, allowing Americans in need of health insurance to purchase plans through the exchange.

The exchange is open to residents in 36 states, but residents in 13 other states and D.C. can enroll through state-level exchanges.

According to Health and Human Services, 75% of Americans who are unable to purchase insurance plans through a workplace are eligible for plans that are less than $50 a month. The federal government says that 90% of those enrolled in government plans receive financial assistance.

The special enrollment period will run through May 15.

Those who already have insurance plans through the exchange can also change their plan during the special enrollment period.

"President Biden was clear: we need to strengthen the Affordable Care Act and give more Americans access to health care, especially during this pandemic, which has further demonstrated the importance of having the right coverage. This Special Enrollment Period will give Americans who need affordable, quality health insurance an opportunity to get covered, and we encourage folks to head to starting on Monday to explore their options," said HHS Acting Secretary Norris Cochran.

Consumers can visit or to view 2021 plans and prices.