Science of a cookie: Researchers explain why we can't twist Oreos off perfectly

Nabisco Oreo Cookies
Posted at 7:57 AM, Apr 21, 2022

Do you break or split your sandwich cookie?

If you’re a fan of twisting off each cookie, researchers say getting a perfect twist is impossible.

Mechanical engineers at MIT actually looked at the so-called “Oreology” or science of Oreo twisting.

They even created a machine, known as an “Oreometer” to precisely split the cookie.

The 3D-printed device used rubber bands and coins that served as weight to pull the cookies apart.

Scientists found that no matter how you twist them, the cream almost always ends up on only one wafer.

Part of it is because the filling is classified as “mushy.”

Researchers didn’t just look at one type of Oreo. They also studied different flavors and how the filling was distributed.

The engineers did advise that if you are trying to pull your sandwich cookie apart, doing it slowly is key.