Sanders wins Wisconsin Democratic primary

Posted at 7:52 PM, Apr 05, 2016
Results in Wisconsin’s primary came quickly on Tuesday, with winners called just minutes after polls closed.
Bernie Sanders took home the majority of Democratic votes in Wisconsin, while Ted Cruz found a victory on the Republican side. 
Though Sanders entered the night on a winning streak, it marks a significant victory as he attempts to climb his way up to competitor Hillary Clinton in advance of the Democratic National Convention, where a nominee will be decided.
Meanwhile, Clinton still held a substantial lead going into Tuesday. That gap narrowed out after results were called in Wisconsin, putting Clinton at 1,271 delegates next to Sanders' 1,024.
Those numbers don't include superdelegates, which help put Clinton even further in the lead.
Following result projections, Sanders gave an enthusiastic victory speech in Wyoming, where voters are poised to vote on Saturday.
In a statement that almost perfectly summed up the backbone of his campaign, Sanders said to cheers, "Real change comes when people stand up, look around and say, ‘you know what? The status quo is not working. We can do better.'”
The Vermont senator, per usual, put an emphasis on anti-establishment politics.

"Yes, we can create a government that represents all of us, and not just a handful of wealthy campaign contributors," he said to applause, before turning his attention toward what he called "the Trumps of the world."
We must stand together and “don’t allow the Trumps of the world” to divide us based on nationality, religion, sex or sexual preference, he suggested.
Correlating with his rise in delegates, Sanders' confidence appears to be at an all-time high in his campaign. 
"Please keep this secret," he said, joking with the audience to refrain from clueing Clinton in. "She’s been getting nervous and I don’t want to make her more nervous."

He added, "But I think we have an excellent chance to win New York and lot of delegates in that state." 

New York, a key primary in the race,  is slated to vote on April 19.
While the Vermont senator has proven himself to be a favorite in smaller caucus states, picking up wins recently in Washington and Alaska, he has struggled in larger-scale primaries. 
After winning in the Badger State on Tuesday, Sanders has won six of the past seven contests, narrowing the gap between himself and the former secretary of state.