Boulder family creates aid group to send medical supplies to Ukraine

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Posted at 4:20 PM, May 05, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-06 13:18:48-04

BOULDER, Colo. – A Boulder family is doing their part to help send medical supplies to the front lines in the war in Ukraine.

Viktoriya Oliynyk and Andriy Zakutayev created Sunflower Seeds Ukraine, a Boulder-based aid group, which is working to get things like trauma bandages, tourniquets, chest seal packs, gauze dressings, and hemostatic agents to the frontlines in Ukraine.

Zakutayev told Denver7 they felt the need to help instead of just watching the war from a distance.

“We found that rather than just following what they do, sending medical aid to them and giving them chance to save the lives is the least we can offer in this sad and scary time,” Zakutayev said.

The couple said the need for medical supplies in the war is urgent for civilians and for the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

“Even some elite brigades in Ukraine still don't have sufficient amount of protective gear,” Oliynyk said. “And it's mind boggling.”

If you’d like to know more about Sunflower Seeds Ukraine or how you can help donate medical supplies that are in short supply, you can visit their website at