Rare but highly contagious virus infecting rabbits in several states

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Posted at 10:49 AM, Apr 08, 2022

DINOSAUR, Colo. — The National Park Service is warning of a rare virus that’s killing rabbits in at least three states.

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease has been spreading among rabbits at Dinosaur National Monument, which spans from Colorado to Utah.

The disease has also made its way to southern Arizona.

Rabbit hemorrhagic disease, or RHDV2, is highly contagious and lethal.

It does not infect humans, the NPS has said.

A spokesperson for the Dinosaur National Monument told NBC News that rabbits that become infected “often have a bloody froth at the mouth."

Park rangers noticed rabbits started dying around early March.

Park visitors are urged to not approach any wildlife, especially wild rabbits.

Visitors should also keep their dogs leashed and should not come into contact with any wildlife.

If visitors see sick or dead rabbits, they are encouraged to take photos and contact park rangers so that they can safely handle the carcasses.