New Jersey man's 'beer belly' turned out to have a giant tumor

New Jersey man's 'beer belly' turned out to have a giant tumor
Posted at 8:35 PM, Mar 28, 2018

Kevin Daly is a fit 62-year-old man who has lived an athletic, healthy lifestyle. That was why it was strange when his stomach continued to grow, despite losing weight. 

According to WCBS-TV, Daly had to convince his insurance company that his growing stomach was not being caused by drinking suds. Daly convinced his insurance company to allow a CAT scan. 

The CAT scan had a shocking result. Daly had a 30-pound tumor in his abdominal cavity.

"I never drank beer,” he told WCBS. “Don’t like it, always been athletic, never had a belly.”

Daly had the tumor surgically removed, but the procedure was lengthy, lasting six hours. According to WCBS, the tumor was a low-grade, fatty cancer that had wrapped around an organ. 

Daly's doctor said that a kidney also had to be removed to ensure the tumor was completely removed. Because the tumor was slow growing, he will not need any sort of radiation or chemotherapy treatment. Daly will continue to be monitored with MRIs as a precautiion.