Man claims Tim Hortons employee slammed his finger in window, bragged about it on Facebook

Posted at 6:36 PM, Aug 06, 2017

A Roseville, Michigan man says a Tim Hortons employee slammed the drive-thru window on his finger and broke it. 

Steven Woods says he ordered two coffees at a Tim Hortons at 6:30 a.m. on Sunday and tried to pay with a $100 bill.

The employee refused to break the large bill. Even though the restaurant reportedly has a policy against accepting large bills, Woods asked to speak to a manger. He even opened the drive-thru window himself in order to get a manager's attention.

He says that's when the employee slammed the window on his finger. 

Woods says he ended up with a loose bone in his finger, leaving him unable to work. He'll also need to see a specialist for treatment.

Woods filed a police report. He also says he provided copies of the employee's Facebook page to the police — where the employee bragged about hurting his finger. 

"To the dumb m*********** that I had to slam the window on I hope ur finger hurts all day u little never should have touched my window," the employee reportedly wrote on Facebook.

The franchise owner declined to comment and referred reporters to the corporate offices, who have yet to issue a response.