Las Vegas man hospitalized with seizures after seeing 'Incredibles 2'

Posted at 11:20 PM, Jun 19, 2018

LAS VEGAS — From his T-shirt to his tattoos, it's obvious that Marcos Guadiana loves Disney films. But in the middle of a showing of "Incredibles 2" on Sunday, he knew something was wrong when strobe-like lights flashed across the screen during one scene.  

"And immediately it hit me," said Gardiana. "I felt it coming. I informed her I'm about to have a seizure."

His girlfriend, Courtney Anderson, was with him and helped him get to the lobby.

"At that point, I completely blacked out," he said. "From what she has told me, I went into a full-blown seizure. I hit my head kind of scratched my face up a bit. I hit my head on the wall."

He had a two-and-half minute long seizure which he said was triggered by the movie scene. Gardiana sad he has had sporadic epileptic seizures since a car accident left him with a brain injury in 2011. Gardiana said he had two more seizures after he arrived at the hospital where they learned through social media others were having similar reactions.

"I lost count. There were so many different cases I was reading," Anderson said. "It breaks my heart having gone through all this myself. Knowing how many people were affected."

Gardiana said they spoke with the theater's manager and there was one warning sign posted, but not in a highly-visible spot. He said the industry as a whole needs a better warning system.

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"Video games have warnings if there are any flashing strobe patterns," said Gardiana. "I play a lot of video games. And I'm well aware they all have warnings well before they are released. Why can't movies?"