Judge grants conditional release for Weier in Slenderman stabbing

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Posted at 3:02 PM, Jul 02, 2021

WAUKESHA, Wisc. — One of the teenagers in the Slenderman case will be allowed a conditional release from a mental institution after a Waukesha County judge's ruling on Thursday.

19-year-old Anissa Weier will serve the rest of her 25-year sentence away from Winnebago Mental Health Institute as long as there are no violations to a plan that has yet to be approved by the court.

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"The court does not find that there is clear and convincing evidence that Miss Weier poses a significant threat of bodily harm to herself or others or serious property damage," Judge Michael Bohren said.

Weier had spent the last few years at the institution after being convicted in the near-fatal stabbing of Payton Leutner when they were both 12 years old.

Weier and Morgan Geyser said they did it to please the fictional character Slenderman.

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Prosecutors have argued against the release, saying that Weier is a danger to others.

The judge noted court-appointed health professionals evaluated Weier and recommended approving her conditional release.

"What I saw through all of the reports was that Miss Weier followed all of the rules at Winnebago. She never lied. She was honest. There was no deception in her comments to the treatment personnel. She was cooperative. She expressed understanding of the offense, and that's throughout all of the reports," Judge Bohren said.

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Weier's attorney said the 19-year-old was happy about the news.

"She wants to make sure she continues improving, and moving forward, and gaining more insight and getting to a great place of health. She knew remaining at the institution while they would continue to support her and do all of the work that they have done with her for the years, that her needs are such they can be better met in the community now," said attorney Maura McMahon.

Weier will remain at the mental health facility until a treatment and life plan are finalized and approved by the judge. Her next court date is Sept. 10.

“Our family has worked very closely with the Waukesha District Attorney’s office throughout this process, and we are aware of the pending conditional release," the victim's parents, Stacie and Joe Leutner said. "The Department of Health Services will prepare a plan, and we will then have the opportunity to review the details of that plan. Through this entire ordeal – we have continued to place Payton’s safety and the safety of the community as our top priorities, and those priorities will not change.”

Mary Jo Ola at TMJ4 first reported this story.