ViDEO: Jim Harbaugh sings the National Anthem

ViDEO: Jim Harbaugh sings the National Anthem
Posted at 2:13 PM, Apr 03, 2016

Michigan football coach Jim Harbaugh is a man of many talents. In just the past few months, he’s taken up driving race cars, competitive eating, tree-climbing and has even dipped his toe into the world of politics. Even through all of that, he's still found time to have some sleepover with his friends.

On Saturday night, he added singing to his growing list of hobbies by singing the National Anthem in front of a packed concert hall.

Videos show Harbaugh on stage at a concert in Ann Arbor, singing the National Anthem alongside rapper Lil’ Dicky.





Harbaugh has some work to do if he wants to score a record deal, but it’s the effort that counts, right?

Lil’ Dicky, who’s notable hits include “Save Dat Money” and “Lemme Freak,” tweeted about Harbaugh’s appearance following the concert.



Harbaugh’s wild offseason and newfound talents don’t seem to affecting his football team. Rivals ranks Michigan’s 2016 recruiting class as the fourth best in the country.

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