Indonesia crocodile freed from tire stuck around her neck for six years

Indonesia Crocodile
Posted at 11:12 AM, Feb 10, 2022

A motorcycle tire stuck around a wild crocodile's neck has finally been removed six years later.

The Associated Pressreported that the tire was removed by Tili, an Indonesian bird catcher, who was determined to remove the tire from the 14.8-foot female saltwater crocodile.

Tili set up a trap that consisted of various size ropes and laid chickens, ducks, and birds for bait.

For three weeks, he lay in waiting before he was finally able to catch her, and with the help of his friends, they were able to saw off the tire, which was 1.6 feet in diameter.

The news outlet reported that firefighters and a wildlife conservation agency were then contacted to help them release her back into the wild.

The crocodile had become somewhat of an icon to Palu residents after she was first spotted with the tire around her neck in 2016, according to the AP.