For first time, Disney Channel film to feature American Indian lead

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Posted at 5:52 PM, Aug 12, 2021

The Disney Channel’s new movie “Spin” is making history.

It’s the network’s first movie featuring an American Indian leading character.

The film stars Avantika, who plays 15-year-old disc jockey Rhea Kumar navigating her way through life.

The movie has a diverse set of characters. TVLine reports Rhea’s friends include people from various backgrounds including a half-Chinese and Irish character as well as well as a Black biracial character.

“Seeing so many different kinds of people on screen will be an inspiration to so many kids,” TVLine quotes Avantika saying at a premiere event in California. “The movie is so vivid, colorful and inspirational.”

Manjari Makijany directs the film. According to The Wrap, Makijany welcomed the opportunity to have an Indian American lead.

“The story was turning all the stereotypes on their heads, which is great,” Makijany told The Wrap. “And it was also an opportunity to introduce Indian culture to mainstream audiences.”

"Spin" debuts on the Disney Channel Aug. 13.