Flywheel owners can trade in bikes for a free Peloton unit

Posted at 3:03 PM, Feb 20, 2020

Peloton has announced that it will allow those who use Flywheel indoor bikes to trade-in their bikes for a Peloton indoor bike after Flywheel will end servicing its in-home bikes in the coming months.

Flywheel's concept is similar to Peloton, which uses live video training linked to indoor bikes. The concepts were so similar that Peloton took Flywheel to court for infringing Peloton's patent.

A recent settlement states that Flywheel acknowledges that Flywheel violated Peloton's patent. Flywheel agreed to end its online bike service by April.

Flywheel's studio operations are not affected by the court settlement.

To obtain the free trade-in, click here .