Sidecar tours turn the typical city tour on its head

Posted at 5:48 PM, Aug 03, 2017

DENVER, Colo. — Whether its a stay-cation or vacation, the best part to getting away is exploring all that the city has to offer. One man in Denver, Colorado is helping visitors explore the city from a unique vantage point.   

"There is no other vehicle that you can get the same experience as you can with a sidecar — even a motorcycle," Scott Kirkwood, owner of City on the Side, said. "It's not the same."

According to Kirkwood, instead of taking a walking tour or even hoping on a bus to see the sites, the only way to explore is taking a ride in a sidecar.  

"You got 360-degree views there is nothing getting in your way. You can look anywhere you want. You can photograph anywhere you want, you are out in the open," he said. 

For many who have never been on a motorcycle, riding in a sidecar can be intimidating. But, the Russian-made Ural sidecars Kirkwood owns are different, he says.

"They're not fast. They're not built for performance. We rarely exceed 45 mph,” he said "Tours are laid out at a slow, comfortable pace. The fear factor is gone in about 15 seconds and then it's like, 'This is awesome.'" 

The side ride is not only unique, but freeing.

"The wind is blowing on you and the sun is beaming down and the open-air seat is liberating," Kirkwood said. "It's like skydiving or hot air balloon."

As of today, the exhilarating sidecar ride can only be experienced in Denver, but it could be coming to a city near you soon. Kirkwood hopes to expand his sidecar tours into cities like Honolulu, Las Vegas, Orlando and even San Francisco.