EPA plans stricter new rules for electric vehicles, emissions

New EPA rules are expected to set even more ambitious goals for electric vehicle sales in the U.S.
EPA plans stricter new rules for electric vehicles, emissions
Posted at 7:42 PM, Apr 11, 2023
and last updated 2023-04-11 21:42:47-04

The Environmental Protection Agency is expected to announce new limits on vehicle emissions this week.

Officials familiar with the plan told The Associated Press the new rules would require 54% of new vehicles sold to be electric by 2030, and as much as 67% by 2032. 

The new rules do not set targets for the number of cars sold — instead they set limits on fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas emissions from cars, which translate to estimated sales for certain types of vehicles.

The auto industry is already working to make half of its new car sales electric by 2030. 

In 2021, the Biden administration and the EPA also set new standards that would increase fuel efficiency in new models by 5% a year through 2026.

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Most cars on the road today still run on gasoline. In 2021, electric and hybrid vehicles had just passed 10% of new sales.

Automakers say they’ll need support if they’re going to speed up the shift to electric vehicles. They want to see more tax breaks for consumers and a big expansion of charging infrastructure to support wider adoption.

In 2020, transportation accounted for 27% of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions. Of that, more than half came from the sort of light-duty vehicles that the EPA’s new rules will target.

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