Effort to find Baltimore mother, daughter who went missing 16 months ago

Posted at 9:31 PM, Jun 10, 2018

BALTIMORE — It's been 16 months since a Baltimore mother and daughter went missing. In February 2017, a close family friend reported 33-year-old mother Joanna Clark missing, along with her 15-year-old daughter Shariece. 

"We can't give up hope that we will find her somewhere," Joanna's brother Alfred Clark told WMAR-2 News a month after their disappearances. 

With no new developments in the case, the Baltimore Regional Guardian Angels hope their annual Honk for the Missing Campaign Sunday turns up some leads.  

"We are asking anybody who can see these posters or know anything about this to come forward because this lady has 6 children that are left looking for their mom and their sister," regional commander Marcus Dent said. 

"This is a mother and daughter who left behind 6 kids who love them very much. She was the sole provider, for these kids; she’s all they knew. And now they are left in relatives' hands to raise," Clark said in February 2017. "They are gonna wanna know when they get older what happened to their mom, where are they, so we need answers one way or the other."

The pair went missing at different times on the same say in February, near their home in Cherry Hill. Last year, Baltimore police said the circumstances of their disappearances were suspicious and they suspect foul play. 

"Every part of their life stopped on February 4th from a public standpoint. That’s work. That’s school. That’s social media, you know, contacting family," BPD spokesman T.J. Smith said. 

For their 6th annual Honk for the Missing Campaign Sunday, the regional Guardian Angels chose to spotlight the Clark's, as well as Katie Anders, who has been missing from Baltimore County since May of this year. They held up signs with their pictures on them at a busy intersection in Southwest Baltimore, hoping someone driving by recognizes them. 

"Someone may have seen something the slightest detail and say. 'Oh you know what, I remember this on that day.' It's been awhile. It's been more than a year but at the same time, that little detail may be able to bring a close to this case," Dent said. "Every single day that they are gone, it’s harder to find out where they are or what happened to them."

Anyone with information on the women should call CrimeStoppers at 1-866-7-LOCKUP.