Easy ways to save money with just one phone call

Posted at 1:00 AM, Nov 05, 2018

Sometimes, all it takes is one phone call and you could save some money every month.  

Scripps affiliate KTNV looked into three simple phone calls you can make.  

  • Call your credit card company about lowering your interest rate. According to weekly rate report, the average card APR is just over 17%.  Many creditors actually have departments specifically focused on interest rate reduction, so it could be worth your time to call and ask.  Let them know you want to make your payments and pay off this debt, but you need help with the interest rate. It helps if you've been a good customer.  If you frequently pay your credit card bill late, your creditor may not want to grant your request.  
  • Call your internet provider about reducing your monthly bill. Many providers offer discounts every couple months, you just have to ask!  Some providers actually raise your rate by a few dollars every couple months, so make sure that you're holding them accountable.  
  • Call your auto insurance. Most insurance companies offer discounts or rewards for safe driving. They'll send a small device in the mail to observe your driving, and track things like acceleration or braking. Some companies, like Liberty Mutual, even give you a small discount just for agreeing to the program.