Dozens of beachgoers form human chain attempting to rescue drowning man

Posted at 8:54 PM, Jul 25, 2018

Beachgoers in Emerald Isle Beach, North Carolina formed a chain, locking arms with one another trying to save a drowning man who was caught in the surf on Wednesday. 

Despite the efforts of the dozens of people on the beach, the 41-year-old man died, becoming the 12th person to drown along North Carolina's beaches this year, the News and Observer reported. 

Video captured by Shane Gentry showed the valiant attempt of beachgoers trying to reach the man. The video shows the line of good Samaritans entering the surf. But the waves were too much for those in the chain. 

Following the drowning city of Emerald Beach posted on social media that red flags were up along the beach and that people should avoid swimming due to the surf. 

WTVD-TV reported that there were a number of water rescues in the area on Wednesday.