Bicyclist punched by motorist in Florida

Posted at 7:04 PM, Apr 10, 2016

A 44-year-old Clearwater, Florida man is recovering from a broken orbital bone after he says teens driving an SUV pulled up next to him while he was riding his bike and sucker punched him through the car window.

Home surveillance video captured the attack.

Derek Queener, 44, say he was riding his bike near Jackson Street when a group of teens pulled up next to him in Jeep.

"You could feel the bright flash," said Queener of the punch.  "Everything went black in my left eye."

Queener says he has a broken orbital bone, among other injuries.

A second man was attacked less than 24 hours later and called a racial slur, according to Queener.  That incident was also captured on home surveillance camera.