Country Time Lemonade to help pay fines, permit fees for kids' lemonade stands

Posted at 8:48 AM, Jun 07, 2018

DENVER – Country Time Lemonade is launching a new initiative to help kids’ lemonade stands that land in hot water over permitting issues.

Just last week in Denver, someone called the police on a lemonade stand run by boys who were trying to raise money for charity. Police shut the stand down, saying the boys didn’t have the necessary permit.

The city later said the boys didn’t need a permit, but not before the story captured the attention of people nationwide, including Country Time.

In response, the company is launching “Legal-Ade,” a team of people who will help lemonade stands deal with permit issues. If a child gets fined for running a lemonade stand, Legal-Ade will reimburse the cost of the fine or permit up to $300.

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