It may be a good time to give your curly hair a break

Posted at 3:37 PM, May 12, 2020

ST. PAUL, Minn. – This could be a good time to give your hair a break, especially if you've been styling your naturally curly hair into submission.

Brentt Flammang, artistic director at Moxie Salon in St. Paul, Minnesota, demonstrated how to keep it simple and work with those waves.

“So, I have someone prepared here with nice wet hair,” said Flammang as he performed a demonstration on a mannequin head. “Evenly saturated from root to ends, and we want it to be wet enough so when we squeeze it, we almost get water between our fingers.”

Next comes the scrunching.

“And then tilt, so she's tilted to the right, you can even go upside down to do this, you want to spray in a wave mist or use alcohol free gel or foam,” said Flammang. “And we want to scrunch.”

Flammang says you want to a hear a sort of squishing noise as you work the product in.

“And then once we get that product worked in, I'm going to take a microfiber towel and I'm going to put the hair in the towel ends to the roots and then squeeze and it's going to pull out all the excess water and excess product and when you're done, you're left with wavy and or curly hair.”