Charges dropped for Preds fan who threw catfish on ice in Pittsburgh

Posted at 9:48 AM, May 31, 2017

Charges have been dismissed for the Nashville Predators fan who threw a catfish onto the ice in Pittsburgh during Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

Jake Waddell, who was in Pittsburgh with family, said he was charged with disorderly conduct, disrupting a meeting, and possessing instruments of crime. 

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Preds Fan Charged After Throwing Catfish Onto Ice During Game 1

According to Waddell, he decided to bring a catfish to the game after finding out that the Predators would face the Penguins in the Final.

He bought the catfish in Nashville, then brought it up to Pittsburgh where he prepared it.

"We fileted the fish, I cut half the spine out of it which is why it flopped open on the ice, and ran over it with my pickup truck," Waddell said.

It wasn't until Tuesday that Waddell found out about the additional charges of possessing instruments of crime, and disrupting meetings and processions.

As of Wednesday morning, those charges were dropped after the Allegheny County District Attorney determined Waddell's actions didn't "rise to the level of criminal charges."