Students caught on campus giving lap dances during school hours

Parents claim seductive dancing in computer lab
Posted at 4:42 PM, May 10, 2017

Parents are outraged after students are caught on camera 'twerking' and giving male students lap dances inside a Florida classroom. The incident reportedly happened at Success Academy, an alternative school in Fort Myers.

Now parents want to know how administrators could let this happen.

A concerned viewer shared multiple videos with Fort Myers-based WFTX claiming chaos is erupting in classrooms under the supervision of staff.

"This is like softcore porn in a school," she said. "This is supposed to be an alternative school, a school of discipline, a school of restorative justice and I don't see any justice being restored."

The viewer did not want to be identified but said she is not the first or the only person who has told school administrators and district officials things are getting out of control.

"We're tired of nothing happening," she said. 

There is a small convenience store and neighborhood soul food deli right across the street from the academy. Joe Elas owns Mr. Joe's Soul Food Deli. He was shocked to see students performing classless acts in a classroom during school hours.

"This ain't got no business in school," he said. Elas said he's caught kids skipping school and trying to hide behind his convenience store. He said he has tried reporting it to the school on multiple occasions.

"When I call over there to talk to somebody about it, I never get any answers," Elas said.

WFTX reached out to the Lee County School District asking to speak to anyone about the video concerns.

A spokesperson with the district responded in an e-mail saying there is no way to verify if anyone has shared this information with the school but will work on getting answers.