Boy chained to dead chicken, beaten by foster parents files lawsuit

Posted at 1:51 PM, Dec 06, 2016

A North Carolina teen who was found chained to a dead chicken on a porch in 2013 has filed a lawsuit against his foster parent, according a Tuesday report on WBTV-TV. 

According to WBTV-TV, the then 11-year-old boy was forced to sleep on the floor. He was found in 2013 with scars and broken bones. According to WBTV, the lawsuit said that Wanda Sue Larson used "connections" with local officials to manipulate his custody and that Union County inadequately supervised her

Larson and her boyfriend Dorian Harper were charged with child abuse in connection to the case. 

The parents claimed that the boy was chained to the chicken as a punishment. 

"They had a railroad tie and it had a hole in it," the boy told WBTV. "And they had a chain – like just a chain and a lock – and they had handcuffs either on my hands or my legs."