Animal shelter in PA seeks forever home for hefty cat

Posted at 7:48 PM, Aug 22, 2019

MORRISTOWN, PA — The Morris Animal Refuge in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania has a very special, very large resident in need of a new forever home. Beejay, also known as Big Boi "Mr. B" is larger than the average house cat - much larger in fact, weighing in at just over 26 pounds..

Beejay is a 2-year-old and appears to be a mixture of domestic shorthair, with perhaps some Maine Coon cat mixed in. Overall he is healthy, and he is a big love, literally!

Those interested in learning more about Big Boi should contact the Morris Animal Refuge via email at, by phone at (215) 735-9570 or on their Facebook page .

This article was originally published by KGUN.