9 killed, 27 wounded during mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio

Posted at 12:06 AM, Aug 04, 2019

Nine people were killed and 27 were wounded during a mass shooting incident at an arts and entertainment district in downtown Dayton, Ohio, early Sunday morning, police said.

The suspect was killed by police, Matt Carper of the Dayton Police confirmed. Carper said that police are investigating whether the suspect acted alone.

Several eyewitnesses reported on social media seeing multiple people wounded.

Carper said it only took a short period of time for the suspect to open fire. He added that the suspect had a long gun.

"As bad as it was, it could have been much, much worse," Carper said as he praised the responding officers. "It was a difficult situation, and they put themselves in harm's way."

No other details were given about the suspect.

The reported incident took place in an area known as the Oregon District, which is home to a number of nightclubs, art galleries and restaurants. The shooting location was outside of a nightclub known as "Ned Peppers."

A family assistance center has been deployed nearby the scene.

Sunday's massacre came less than 12 hours after a deadly mass shooting incident in El Paso, Texas, where 20 people were killed.