A scammer called. The person on the other end was a police officer

Posted at 12:10 PM, Aug 29, 2019

A lot of people have picked up their phones only to see a number they don't recognize. According to Consumer Reports, robocalls and phone scams now account for one-third of all calls.

But what happens when the scammer calls the least likely person to fall for it? That's exactly what happened to one caller, who unknowingly dialed up Apex Police Department Captain Ann Stephens.

The North Carolina police department decided to post a video of what happened on their Facebook page — and it's about as funny as one could expect.

The caller claimed to be a police detective and said Stephens was going to be arrested and charged with more than 25 criminal charges, including drug trafficking and money laundering. He also claimed to have a "file" on the police captain in front of him. The man, who identified himself as "John Black," said a sheriff's deputy was going to arrest Stephens.

Another man, calling himself "Jason Brown," takes over the phone call. He abruptly hangs up.

Throughout the video, Stephens has fun with the scammers, and even gives viewers some tips on what to do when you're contacted by a scammer.

At one point Stephens is asked for her social security number and she silently mouths "no" at the camera when asked for that information.

And when one of the men asks for her address she gives them the address to the Apex Police Department.

"These are scam calls," Stephens said in the video. "Don't ever give out your information. Don't ever verify their information even if they have it."

The FTC has some tips on how to spot scammers and what to do if you're contacted by one. You can find that information on the FTC website.

You can watch the full video of the call below.