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Stranger returns sentimental card scorched in Marshall Fire to rightful owner

“It's just so nice to have something from my previous life"
Sentimental card, scorched in Marshall Fire, finds it's way home thanks to stranger
Posted at 3:22 PM, Jan 22, 2022

SUPERIOR, Colo. — A Facebook post reunited a Marshall Fire victim with a part of her life from before the destruction.

Kate Cullen said her family lost everything in the fire, including three pets. The devastation left her with only a handful of items to her name.

One of her possessions she thought had burned is a Christmas card from a friend who lives in Switzerland.

“I know exactly where it was in my house, the day of the fire," said Cullen about the card. “When you do lose it all, you lose everything.”

The card was found about a mile from her house scorched by the fire but still intact. Aaron Michael said he found it in a bush and decided to make a post on Facebook to find its owner.

“Everything happened for a reason, that I was meant to find that card, and it was meant to get back to Kate," said Michael.

Cullen saw the post, and Michael brought her the Christmas card. The small and sentimental gesture meant the world to Cullen. She plans to frame it and hang it by her front door when the family rebuilds.

“I'm surprised that's even possible with the way that it's burned. And with the journey that it took," said Cullen. “It's just so nice to have something from my previous life.”