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Your photos of the partial solar eclipse in Colorado

Posted: 2:11 PM, Apr 08, 2024
Updated: 2024-04-09 07:38:50-04

DENVER — The partial solar eclipse above Colorado put on quite a show Monday, delighting spectators across the state.

The eclipse also inspired many to grab their cameras and take some stunning photos of the rare celestial phenomena.

Below, Denver7 gathered some of the best photos from our Facebook group Discover Colorado | Through Your Photos.

Jim Melton2.jpeg

Alysha Sigsal Fotografía.jpeg

Debbie Sweet.jpeg

Israr Haq.jpeg

Çhrïştînä CV.jpeg

Izic Arnold.jpeg

Michael Josephson.jpeg


Jessica Warick.jpeg

Jessica Regnier.jpeg

Alaine Nicole2.jpeg


Alaine Nicole3.jpeg

Alaine Nicole.jpeg

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