World Chocolate Day: The 10 best chocolate shops in Denver

Posted at 12:11 PM, Jul 07, 2017
and last updated 2017-07-07 14:25:41-04

DENVER – Friday is World Chocolate Day, and we couldn’t be more excited! The addictive sweet treat is ubiquitous in the Denver7 newsroom as many of us are self-described chocoholics who refuse to get help.

And we’re probably not alone -- the National Retail Federation says more than $1 billion is spent on chocolate and candy on Valentine's Day alone.

Denver chocolate-lovers will be delighted to learn that Denver is home to several shops that can satisfy that chocolate “fix.”

Here are the 10 best chocolate shops in Denver, according to Yelp online reviews:

1. Chocolate Lab
2504 E Colfax Ave
Yelp review: “Fantastic service and even better chocolate!”

2. Deiter’s Chocolates
1734 Evans Ave
Yelp review: “What a joy to have a locally owned, native chocolate shop here in Denver that offers such a delicious array of hand made goodies!”

3. Sweet Cooie’s
3506 E 12th Ave
Yelp review: “A more adorable ice cream shop.”

4. Chocolate Crisis Center
3370 Walnut St
Yelp review: “Holy crap awesome chocolate!”

5. Roberta’s Chocolates
4840 W 29th Ave
Yelp Review: “One of our favorites!”

6. Le Chocolatier
4335 W 44th Ave
Yelp review: “Love it - Berkeley now has a french chocolatier.”

7. Victoria’s Chocolates
2615 E 3rd Ave
Yelp review: “These are the best chocolates.”

8. Enstrom Candies
201 University Blvd
Yelp review: “Yep - it was a GREAT suggestion.”

9. Miette et Chocolat
2501 Dallas St
Yelp review: “This place is full of amazing and beautiful goodies.”

10. Jerry’s Nut House
2101 Humboldt St
Yelp review: “I open the door and step into a different reality.”