Working Wednesday: Tips to stand out amid competitive fall hiring season

Working Wednesday: Tips to stand out amid competitive fall hiring season
Posted at 12:20 PM, Aug 30, 2017

DENVER – As summer begins to wind down, hiring begins to pick up.

Job seekers who didn’t see much success over the summer months should see more opportunities opening up as companies refocus and rush to fill positions before the end of the year, according to

The surge in employment opportunities during the fall months means competition among job seekers intensifies, especially in a tight labor market like Denver.

To increase your chances of landing that perfect job, experts recommend targeting your search.

Job seekers should hone in on jobs that match 80 percent of their qualifications, no less

When looking at a job, it is easy to fall into a trap of assuming oneself can perform the required tasks, even if the job's qualifications aren't entirely met.

Employers and hiring managers are less likely to reach out to those who don't match at least 80 percent of the posted job's qualifications. With today's technology, all job seekers see the same jobs available and the number of applicants has risen drastically.

Stay energized and stick to a routine

Part of your job as a job seeker is marketing yourself, and a key part of staying motivated is not expending wasted energy or efforts on those jobs that, as above, aren't the perfect fit. 

To help, experts like Andrew Hudson, who runs a popular job search site in Colorado, suggest only spending 20 percent of your time on a job board like

Utilize your time instead on identifying the jobs on those job boards that fit your qualifications, then put in work learning about the company or organization. Use what you've learned to beef up your resume and cover letter to showcase what aligns with that company's desires and values. 

Utilize all the tools at your disposal

LinkedIn, social media and friend networks are a powerful thing, and many jobs in the U.S. are obtained simply by knowing the right person.

Utilize LinkedIn, a job networking service, to connect with professionals in the field of your interest. Use it to spark conversations, seek insight and create valuable contacts.

The same can be done with your own group of friends, both on Facebook and by telephone. Reach out to former people who managed you as an intern, professors, high school teachers and friends in professional positions.

Job seekers will quickly learn their time spent networking is certainly not time wasted. Those who assert themselves in their fields are not typically viewed as annoying, but as proactive and intelligent. Why shouldn't that be you?