Women submitted 150K more votes than men in Colorado; 41-60 age group had highest turnout

Posted at 11:35 AM, Nov 17, 2016
and last updated 2016-11-18 10:49:09-05

DENVER – Women outvoted men in Colorado and outpaced their population percentage in the Centennial State during the 2016 General Election, according to voting demographics released by the Colorado Secretary of State Thursday.

Thursday’s release of ballot counts and demographic breakdowns will be the final daily count released until voting numbers are finalized and released by the office Dec. 8.

County clerks are still counting ballots sent in by military and overseas voters, as well as those that had to be cured because voters forgot to sign their ballot or needed to have their signature verified.

Clerks offices have until Nov. 22 to finish counting provisional ballots and will have to turn their official results into the Secretary of State’s Office by Nov. 25.

As of Thursday’s release, 2,880,888 ballots have been counted in Colorado. When compared to the latest number of registered active and non-active voters, that number represents 75 percent turnout in Colorado.

That number is not likely to change much, as the number of ballots counted each day has dwindled this week.

Perhaps the most outstanding portion of data in the demographic breakdown shows the vast difference in the number of woman versus the number of men who voted in Colorado.

Women cast 1,495,813 ballots so far in the state, while men cast 1,349,045 ballots. That is a difference of 146,768. There are currently 36,030 ballots submitted by people who didn’t indicate their gender when registering, which represent just 1.25 percent of total votes so far.

According to 2015 U.S. Census data, women made up 49.7 percent of Coloradans, while men made up the remaining 50.3 percent.

But in this election, 51.9 percent of voters were women while just 46.8 percent were men.

Voters aged 41-60 had the highest turnout percentage by far. That age group submitted 35.8 percent of ballots. Coming in second were people aged 26-40, who sent in 25.3 percent of ballots.

Voters aged 61-70 submitted 16.7 percent of ballots; voters aged 71+ represent 11.8 percent of votes; and voters aged 18-25 sent in the smallest share of ballots: just 10.4 percent.

Women aged 41-60 had the highest overall turnout, submitting a total of 531,763 ballots so far.

Another outstanding data point is the vast difference in the number of registered Democrats who are women. A total of 558,967 female Democrats voted, compared to just 372,247 male Dems. That is a difference of 186,720 votes.

But the number of registered Republican and independent women who submitted ballots was in the mid-400,000s and within 20,000 of the number of men who voted registered to either party, or lack thereof.

Current voting percentages currently sit as follows, calculated by the number of submissions by people registered to each party: Republicans 33.4 percent; Democrats 32.7 percent; unaffiliated voters 32.1 percent; Libertarians 1.1 percent.

Colorado's official election results page does not quite reflect the latest count; it is approximately 70,000 votes short. But those results show Hillary Clinton winning Colorado 48.1 percent to Donald Trump's 43.3 percent. 

Denver7 will update ballot totals and voting turnout once they are finalized. Stay posted to the Denver7 politics page for the latest updates from the political world.


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