Woman arrested after allegedly hitting boy in Parker, driving off and duct taping her mirror

Posted at 6:43 AM, Jul 26, 2017

PARKER, Colo. — After hours of searching for a driver who hit an 11-year-old boy in Parker and drove off, police in Douglas County say they found their suspect.

Officers arrested Kimberley Miller, 49, at 9:20 p.m., accusing her of running into a boy and leaving the scene. Thousands shared the boy's story and photo, which depicted the child on the ground, bleeding of a head injury. 

A Medina Alert — a Colorado alert which warns the public of a wanted driver — aided in efforts to locate Miller, who is now charged with careless driving resulting in serious bodily injury and several hit-and-run charges. 

According to police in an affidavit released on Wednesday, a driver who saw reports about the hit-and-run called police after seeing a Lexus drive by on I-25 with front passenger-side damage. 

Police say they stopped the driver after waiting outside her home for some time after seeing a damaged Lexus drive along Ridgegate Parkway at S. Peoria Street. They say the Lexus' mirror had been reattached with new duct tape.

According to police, the woman told officers her car incurred the damage while backing out of her garage, but she said she didn't recall when. 

Police say they identified the damage to the car as consistent with hitting a pedestrian. While interviewing her, police say she requested to speak with a lawyer. They later learned she had her husband on the phone during the traffic stop so he could listen. 

Neighbors, many who rushed to the 11-year-old's aid after he was hit, are happy to learn of the arrest, they're also happy to hear the boy is doing better. 

According to the boy's mother, he's recovering, but did suffer head injuries, including a fractured skull and brain bleeding. 

"He's doing well," the boy's mother said. "Honestly, all things by the grace of God he's alive and doing well, with minor head injuries."

Those who witnessed the crash say they saw a vehicle that looked like a Lexus speeding down the road and hearing a thump before seeing the white vehicle speed away. 

The victim's mother said she just wanted the driver to turn herself in to help teach her son a lesson that some people still do have morals. 

"This is an 11-year-old boy who I really -- injuries aside, we're trying to teach him to do the right thing in life, and I want him to grow up not having poor faith in mankind," the boy's mother said.

A GoFundMe pageto help pay for medical expenses has been started.