Will homeless sweeps cause increased demand at local shelters during bad weather?

Posted at 12:29 PM, Dec 05, 2016
DENVER -- With the cold temperatures and snow headed for Denver, area shelters are gearing up and getting ready. That includes a new challenge this year; homeless sweeps that could lead to an increased demand for beds. 
"We're anticipating an uptick," Stacy Parker from the Denver Rescue Mission said when talking about the cleanups, which left dozens of urban travelers without their possessions on the streets. 
The Rescue Mission has already opened up their emergency shelter, and has upped capacity with more bed mats.
The Salvation Army says nearly 600 people stayed at their shelter Sunday night. Tuesday and Wednesday night could see temperatures drop to near zero, meaning demand could increase. 
And this year's homeless sweeps have cleared out many of the homeless "camps" of tents and large set-ups of the past. Will those people choose a shelter this winter? Shelter officials hope so.
"We hope to see more people come in," Parker said.
The Salvation Army is urging people to call them or call 911 if they see someone in need.


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