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Wildlife officials: Dog attacked by mountain lion in Boulder County

Posted at 1:26 PM, Mar 07, 2018

NEDERLAND, Colo. -- A dog suffered minor injuries when it was attacked by a mountain lion in Boulder County over the weekend.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokeswoman Lauren Truitt said the attack happened at a home near Nederland. The dog's owner let the 30- to 40-pound dog outside on Saturday night and the mountain lion pounced on the animal.

The owner, who was also outside, and several other adults ran to help the dog, yelling at the mountain lion. The cat let go after about a minute, Truitt said.

The dog wasn't badly hurt.

Truitt said wildlife officials didn't find a cache or any other evidence that the mountain lion, which was collared, had been in the area very long. 

The cat stayed on the property for about an hour before taking off.