Wildfire concerns sparks possible summer homeless shelter program in Boulder

Posted at 8:55 AM, May 11, 2017

BOULDER, Co.--For the first time, the City of Boulder is looking at an option to have new summer shelters for its homeless population.
The city is hoping this will address concerns of illegal campfires that some Boulder residents have, especially for the folks living along the bottom of the mountains. Denver7 has talked to people in the past and they showed concerns about transient camps. 

"There's illegal campsites all up in there, and they've been shown," Said Boulder resident Sue Baer in April.

A wildfire in March was started from an illegal campfire. The fire happened in Boulder, where the homeless population seems to be growing.

"We do know that it's a very significant community concern, and we want to be responsive," said Wendy Schwartz. 

Schwartz is the Human Service Planning and Program Development Manager for Boulder. 

"Camping, trash -- those types of potential hazards like fire, so we're really looking at this as one option in a way to potentially address a variety of community concerns," said Schwartz.

The city is looking for non-profits and governmental entities to provide a place for homeless people to turn to during the nights. Schwartz said there is no way of knowing if the homeless population is increasing. It's not just a problem in Boulder, but across the Denver area.

"We would expect that people who would have experience in providing similar services to people experiencing homelessness would come forward," Schwartz said. 

The shelters will be in place from June 1st to September 30. 

If you'd like to participate, applications must be submitted by email to Subject the email "LOI Summer Sheltering", The deadline to apply is May 19, 2017 by 4:30pm. No paper or late submissions will be accepted.