Westminster woman saves teenage girls from attempted abduction

Posted at 7:03 PM, Jul 25, 2016
and last updated 2016-07-25 21:03:53-04

WESTMINSTER, Colo. -- Aleta Chellino said she was outside talking with a neighbor, when she saw two young teenagers running straight towards her.

"I'm thinking like oh my god, what's happening," Chellino said. "I came up closer and I opened my arms and these two girls ran into my arms."

Westminster Police say the two 13-year-old girls told investigators they were walking home Friday night, near Federal Boulevard and 86th Avenue, when two men in a red older model 4-door vehicle started yelling at them to get inside.

When they wouldn't get in the car, investigators said one of the men started chasing the teens as they ran around the corner toward Chellino's condo.

"They were terrified, they were screaming and crying and terrified," said Chellino. "They said that two men tried to get us, drag us into the car." 

"We take anything like this seriously," said Investigator Cheri Spottke with the Westminster Police Department.

Spottke said officers spent several hours looking for the car on Friday, and the girls were unable to provide a good description of the suspects.

"We didn't find anything that matched the description, but I think most importantly these two girls did exactly what they needed to do," she said.

"We just all need to be watching diligently," said Chellino.

Chellino wonders what would have happened if she wasn't there, and worries other kids may be at risk.

"They may have cornered them and grabbed them, got them into the car," she said. "They need to be caught."

Police said they have not received any similar calls matching the suspect's vehicle, and believe it's an isolated incident.

"We only had the one call, haven't had any calls since. Nothing alarming. We don't feel like we have someone preying on children at this point," said Spottke.